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Features to look out for in an Oncology EHR

For providers looking to select the ideal Oncology Electronic Health Record (EHR) for their practice, and for those seeking replacement for an underperforming system, here are features your new system must possess.

  1. An evidence-based regimen library

You need Oncology specific templates which should be sequenced based on disease classifications and treatment categories. Your system should also have to ability to create specific protocols to deal with disease-complications and for catering to patient specific needs.

  1. Chemo management, preparation and ordering

Another feature your specialty specific EHR must possess is this by which orders are electronically delivered, and the drug volume is automatically calculated through a ratio analysis system. The system should be intelligent enough to make a distinction between dosage vials to find out the resultant amount of wastage, in addition to the generation of billing codes and for documentation

  1. Support for Clinical Operations

The feature known as ‘Clinical Decision Support’ makes certain that patient dosages are automatically updated when particular factors change. The feature should also keep tabs on lab work to make certain that Chemo-plans are updated in correspondence with Renal and Hepatic conditions.

  1. Integrated Charge Capture

If your system has this feature, you will be able to collect all data needed for billing via Chemo-documentation.

  1. Auto-complete Progress Notes

This will help convert words into detailed notes. You can also add other images and attachments alongside these notes, in addition to faxing and emailing them to the referring providers.

  1. A Patient Portal Service

Using this feature, you will be able to enhance patient care and satisfaction by allowing them to securely request refills and appointments, receive test results, and access educational material online.

The benefits of an EHR for your practice will be immense as HealthIT is the future of this industry. However, selecting the Ideal Oncology EHR is extremely difficult for many oncologists.

Keep the above-mentioned features in mind when selecting an EHR for your practice. Download this free Oncology EHR Whitepaper for more help in the vendor selection process.


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