Selecting a new EMR isn’t that difficult

Selecting a new vendor to replace your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system might seem like an extremely intimidating task, however, it can be a lot simpler if you tackle it procedurally and objectively.


Here’s how you can do so:

You might think that moving your data to the new system will be an unmanageable process, and this could be halting your decision to switch. However, you need to realize that the process can be tasked to your prospect EMR vendor. They would have dedicated personnel to transfer all your data to their new system, for a nominal, predetermined fee.

Moreover, if you’re an existing EMR user, you’ll know and understand the shortcomings of your current system. Make a list of all those issues, especially those slowing down the clinical processes and the revenue-related processes of your practice. The search for a new EMR should be such that it ensures that these shortcomings aren’t present in the prospect system.

The selection process should not be executed hastily, and proper time and research should be given to this process. Ask other doctors and physicians about the EMR deployed at their practice and use the internet; software review sites and vendor websites to validate the specifications.

This way, you can also learn about Electronic Health Records (EHRs), which offer a more comprehensive patient clinical summary in contrast to EMRs. They also allow for the electronic exchange of your data beyond the practice, to other vendors, labs and patients. This is known as Interoperability, and is the most significant distinguishing feature between EHRs and EMRs.

Once you are sure if EHRs or EMRs are more relevant for your practice, start the shot listing process. Find systems that meet your requirements and then arrange demos with these vendors and ask them to address your queries.

Ask these vendors questions such as if they charge extra for customer support, if their systems are Web-based and how long they take to migrate your existing data.

Further shortlist vendors from the options based on who offer the best services and acquire the best option’s services to ensure a smooth transition to you new EMR or EHR.

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2 thoughts on “Selecting a new EMR isn’t that difficult

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  2. Pingback: Selecting a new EMR isn’t that difficult ...

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