If I’m creating my super bill, what does my medical billing company do?

A doctor, using Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, wanted to learn about the benefits of using the services of a medical billing company. He asked me how he’d benefit if from the company when he was creating a super bill himself. Many of you might have similar questions so let me give you an outline of what a medical billing company actually does for you.

medical billing  company

While creating the super bill is the final stage of the clinical process of a visit, it is the earliest stage of medical billing. Explained below are several important processes that your medical billing company will do for you.

After the super bill reaches the biller, the billers verify insurance, patient demographic entry and CPT and ICD codes. The billers scrub them for any errors. These could include wrongly entered codes, etc about which the doctor is informed before the claim is sent to the insurance.

After the correction is made, a charge entry is made. Next, claims are electronically submitted to the payers.

Adjudication, insurance follow-up and measures to avoid claim re-submittals are made by the billing professionals. This is the negotiation process for which the presence of seasoned veterans is a big plus. They know how to deal with the insurance carriers in order to get your money out.

Payments and adjustments need to be then entered at the soonest when payments are received so that Secondary claims can be filed in a timely manner.

Moreover, there are many instances when the insurance denies your claim. An experienced billing company will fight for these denials via appeals and try to get out as much of your money as possible.

The billing company will also administer techniques which will help reduce denials in the future and provide you with reports whenever you requires, so that you are in control of your practice.

In short, a medical billing company maximizes your insurance payments by correctly and procedurally processing your claims. This way, you can focus on the clinical aspects of your practice, and that too in a cost effective way.


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